Thea Allison

You are held by life.

Your life of deep, personal satisfaction is both professional and personal and I can help you access it. 

Full self-expression, new experiences, enjoyment and satisfaction can all be a part of your experience of life. 

You can both excel, and live well. 

You have two under-used gifts that make all of this possible. Your intuition and your body. And before you worry, this is not a recruitment to the Oldest Profession. 

It is easy to think that our bodies are intrinsically part of what we do, but for most people this is not the case. We run on auto-pilot and our bodies become a tool to get us what we want, rather than our most devoted ally. 

I can bring you and your body into partnership again, resulting in

  • Better decision making and responsiveness to events
  • Understanding your ‘creative gremlins’ those behaviours that prevent progress, or bring progress at a high cost, so that you can shut them up
  • Smoother progress using your inherent connection to life
  • More pleasure and better connection with yourself and with others
  • Fun, ease and lightness as well as success, progress and celebration

Intuition is a similarly mis-understood gift. We all have intuitive ability, a way to cut through the noise and zero in on what is most important, most obvious and most inspiring. 

My job as a coach and teacher is to dedicate myself to learning, so that I can teach you what I have taken many years exploring and trialling to get you results faster. I have brought together years of intuitive coaching  and more recent embodiment techniques to create Embodied Creating. A way to experience life more fully in the moment, and get stunning results in every area of life. 

Embodied Creating will bring out what is inherent, but perhaps hidden in you, to open up new opportunities, re-frame old patterns and habits and enable you to access your life of deep satisfaction on all fronts. To excel and live well. 

If you are creating great things in your field, but other parts of life have paid the price. Get in touch. 

If you feel you have reached a creative ceiling in your profession and want to bust through to new challenges and achievements, let’s move you on. 

If you want to create and enjoy a professional and personal legacy that makes you proud, get in touch. 

If you want to excel AND live well, we have work to do together. 

Look around and connect at to explore future possibilities.


Experience the dynamics available in a group environment, the fun, the support and the challenge of working with others towards a common goal.


One to one opportunity to go deep, to work in confidence and progress at a pace that works for you and in ways that are tailored for you to get the best results.


Time away for reflection, renewal and deep learning in beautiful places. The opportunity for transformation through immersion with time to relax and assimilate the session work. 

Let’s stay in touch